FlowerBox is Green for a Reason

FlowerBox is Green for a Reason

Fairly or not, the floral industry has been criticized for not being as environmentally friendly as it should be. For that reason alone, FlowerBox makes sense, but we at Flowerbox wanted to be green for practical reasons, too.

A recycle logo looks great and creates buzz about your product, but to make sense to the event and floral industries, we needed to find real economic reasons to go green. For that, we looked deeper and reminded ourselves of the four R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.

Reduce:  Waste reduction means that less garbage, CO2 emissions and recyclables are produced in the first place. We take this to heart. It costs the same and produces the same CO2 emissions to ship two glass four-inch cubes as it does to ship 25 4-inch FlowerBox cubes. Shipping costs are reduced, and storage is slashed to a fraction of what you were using. Looking to reduce your shipping and storage costs? We have the answer, and it’s Green too!

Reuse: Whenever feasible, it is wise to purchase products that have long shelf lives. Our vases are designed to be durable and reusable. For events and parties, they make great door prizes or thank you’s or giveaway’s for your guests. Spread the joy of lightweight, durable and recyclable vases that your guests can reuse or recycle!

Recycle: Recycling conserves resources by keeping them in circulation, reducing the depletion of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and mineral ores used to manufacture products from virgin materials. Our boxes are completely recyclable. Just put them in your cardboard recycle bin for pickup. The plastics are separated from the box by the same process that packing tape is removed from cardboard boxes.

Rethink: Of course the most important tool in the Green arsenal is our ability to think. Each of us makes choices every day that impact our environment. FlowerBox has chosen to be part of the solution. That means we are working on new and exciting products for the floral industry.  We want to be one reason you can proudly say your business makes sound environmental choices!

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