Spring Catalog 2015: The Colors of the French Riviera

Presented by FlowerBox™, Floral Design Institute® and Florabundance®

For the first edition of the FlowerBox catalog, I chose to feature the colors of the South of France, and more specifically, the Cote d'Azure. France's Cote d'Azure is a glittering string of multifaceted jewels strung along the Northern Mediterranean coast. It simply inspires the discussion of color!

For those of you who have visited, you understand why we chose this area. For those of you who have not, I'm thrilled to introduce you to this amazing area with its rich tapestry of colors and history co-mingled in an unforgettable way.

There's the obvious brilliant blues of the sea and sky featured in our Cote d'Azure section, along with the subtle lavender, pink and tan featured in Fleur de Provence.

Our discussission is aided by Floral Design Institute's amazing floral arrangements and Florabundance's stunning flowers. Inside the catalog, we explore the party scene of France's Mardi Gras Carnival and the golden colors of the St. Tropez Sunset.

In our journey, we imagine the ancient colors the Romans were once greeted and the rich colors of the glitterati that walk the streets today.

I know from my own experience  this area is subtelly intoxicating. Rich scents of baking waft through the air while you sit in the warm sunshine sipping local wine and watching the people pass. Tourists, families, the working class and the rich all scurry through the streets with seemingly endless places to go.

So much to take in! I hope you'll subscribe and get your own FlowerBox catalog. It's a fun exporation of the colors of Southern france. I hope you enjoy it! My eternal thanks to Floral Design Institute and to Florabundance for their amazing support!






Travis Rigby, President, FlowerBox.com

Mediterranean Sunset, 2014




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