Chocolate Silhouette Design

Molucella - also known as "Bells of Ireland" - is a wonderfully versatile flower, used widely throughout the flower industry. While retaining a distinctly rustic charm, echoing the traditional lines of the foxglove, it also gives an eclectic modern edge to many flower combinations; I really love this design. It’s so simple, and yet so dramatic! I harvested the curly willow and the clematis right from the garden -- Add a few flowers, and wow!

To start, open the vase in the opposite way from which it was folded to loosen the folds.Then tuck in each of the corners along the score marks. From there, fold the bottom flaps in according to the directions on the bottom. Each flap is marked 1,2,3 etc. in the order they should be folded. Tuck the tab in at the bottom to secure it.Once the bottom is secure, tie the neck with the enclosed rubber band, or a piece of floral wire.

Next, add a band of light orange ribbon around the neck of the vase, securing with UGlu dots. I like the simple look of the yellow neck band, but I’m adding brass wire to the neck to dress it up a bit, and provide an anchor for the willow.

Finally, add water with flower food to the vase.

To begin the design, tie the curly willow at the center to the wire around the neck of the vase using floral wire. Next, add hydrangea to the front and back of the design. I’ve also added in a few green dianthus to add color and texture.

At the top of the design, I add mixed lilies and bells of Ireland for height and color. To finish the design, I’ve added two stems of evergreen clematis that drape out over the curly willow.

This design is great for a hotel lobby, restaurant or other area that wants a dramatic design that takes up space and demands attention. The Chocolate Silhouette vase is rich and simple, elegant and yet understated.

Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!

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