Double Granite Silhouette Vase Design

In this video, we’re so lucky to have award-wining floral designer Greg Lum with us. Today Greg is creating one of my favorite designs. He’s taking two 9” Granite Silhouette vases and binding them together using river cane and tan zip ties.

First Greg measures out the river cane for his design. Then he begins lashing them around the boxes using tan zip ties.

Once the structure is created, he trims the excess zip tie pulls from the design. From there, Greg adds water to each of the vases and then begins designing with flowers.

In this design, Greg prefers the locally grown flowers including Geranium, Basil, Dahlias, zinnias, celosa, and other fall color flowers. The fragrance was amazing!

The finishing touch is amaranthus trailing through the lattice works.

This design uses amazing color and lattice work to create a stunning finished effect. If you needed to create a large installation, multiple boxes could be strung together to form a long table runner or complex centerpiece. What an amazing design! Thank you Greg!

And thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about FlowerBox! 

Silhouette Design by Greg Lum AIFD

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