Grab & Go Peony Arrangement

Driving South to The Peony Place in Milwaukie, Oregon,, we found Dan and Marion hard at work in the peonies again! This time the visit was longer as we watched Dan dig up a Blaze Peony bush and learned more about the farm.

It's very clear the two love their farm, and carry a great pride in the peonies they grow. As we wander through the farm, Marian casually mentions the names of peonies, and their pluses and minuses. Each has its own wonderful attributes and frustrations.

The variety of peonies on display is just amazing, and the day was just as beautiful.I chose a variety of peonies, but two varieties really caught my eye: Raspberry Sundae (pink with a creamy yellow inside) and the lemon-colored Garden Treasure. Together I felt certain they would make an amazing arrangement.

Frankly, nearly any combination of their wonderful peonies would! Here's a video of what I created. Enjoy!

Here's our final product. Learn how to create it easily in the above video!!

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by Christine
what a great idea.Thanks for sharing.

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