Designing Peonies with a FlowerBox Silhouette Vase

Every Monday morning between May and early June, depending on the season, I get the pleasure of driving South from Portland in seach of Peonies. The drive along the Willamette River on my way to Milwaukie, Oregon is a scenic trip past parks and small forested communities. Because it's early on Monday, I get the chance to remember the fun of the weekend and plan for my week ahead with only the scenery to keep me company.

As I arrive at the Peony Place, ( FaceBook:, Marian is always there to greet me with a smiling face and great attiitude. She has clearly found her paradise! Lucky her!

Marian is always quick to show me the latest blooms, and the many, many peony varieties. I personally love the mixed bunches of peonies. Each opening with their own wonderful surprise inside. And so HUGE! The Peony Place features some of the largest peonies I've every seen.

During our conversation, Marian mentions to me how difficult it can be to design for Peonies. Particularly if you want to do a bunch of them. They start so small, and grow so large! On the way home, inspiration struck! I'll do a video on how I arrange for peonies. It a simple design, but it works, and that's the best part of floral design: Just give the flowers enough room to do their magic, and they'll do all the work for you!

Here's our final product. Learn how to create it easily in the above video!!

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