Radiant Orchid FlowerBox Design

Ah… springtime and romance. It’s all captured in this design. Today we’re using the 8" Radiant Orchid Flowerbox combined with soft pink roses, stock and dusty miller to create a lovely, romantic design perfect for your sweetheart.

To start, pop open the FlowerBox, making sure the bottom locks. Push the built in plastic liner into the box. We're adding lavender striped sticky ribbon to all four sides of the vase, but you could try using lavender dotted sticky ribbon, orchid heart sticky ribbon, or any patterned sticky ribbon that says "I Love You" best. Last, add water directly into your vase, with a dash of flower food.

To start the design add dusty miller to act as your leafy base. The beautiful silver foliage is a demure contrast to the soft pinks of our flowers. Next add a few colors of stock - we've chosen lavender and coral. Finally, add the soft pink roses to pack the arrangement full of sugary sweetness!

The final arrangement is simple, beautiful and elegant, the perfect Valentine's Day or Mother’s Day gift. Accent your design with baubles - like a small butterfly - to really customize your flowers; make it meaningful, and make it memorable! 

Don't forget, our vases are recyclable, so there’s not another vase sitting on your recipients' or customers' kitchen shelf. They’ll love that! Give smarter, and go green.

Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!

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