Saint Tropez Sunset - European Bridal Bouquet

Looking to create a beautiful bridal bouquet that conjures up images of a stunning Saint Tropez sunset? With FlowerBox vases and some design expertise from our partners at the Floral Design Institute, it's nothing but easy. 

How it's Done

Using a variety of glues makes this a quick and easy design to create. UGlu® placed around the edges and on the back of the holder give you a strong adhesive beginning.  Spray the begonia leaves with 3M® Super77® and place them to cover the sides and the back concealing all the mechanics. Oasis® Floral Adhesive gives you a secure bond for the Vanda orchids and the succulents. Bonus: none of these glues will harm the floral materials. For more design information, contact the Floral Design Hotline at 206-371-4546. We're happy to help!





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