White Linen Bagless FlowerBox Design

Today we’re creating a design using the White Linen Bagless FlowerBox cube, lavender sticky ribbon, a yellow-blooming kalanchoe, and because of the way the box folds, we’re adding a gold-leaf  wire handle at the top.

First, I measure out the sticky ribbon to the size of the box. I then cut to the lengths I’ll need to complete the design. Then, I adhere the ribbon to the box, in a cross pattern. Sticky ribbons are available in any colors and designs at FlowerBox.com

Now I’m ready to create the box. First, fold each side of the box to loosen along the score marks, and make it easier to fold. Then, fold in the corners along one side of the box. Take the tape strip off, and then tape over the two corners, finishing one side. Next, go to the opposite side of the box, and do the same. 

Once the two sides are done, you’re ready to add the gold-leaf wire. Cut two lengths of wire that form a nice loop handle. Remove the tape from one side, and use the sticky to hold the wire at each end near the fold seam. Bring the two corners in and fold the flap over the wire and the two seams.Do the same on the other side to complete the box.

Then form the wire into a nice rounded dome shape.  Add any 3.5” plant. I chose the Yellow Kalanchoe. If the planter shows, add reindeer moss around the edges. Using wire, or in my case a wired bird,  attach where the wires come together.

I just added a small bird, but you can add ribbons, or any number of fun things. Have fun and get creative! Make it seasonal or for special events.

>It’s so easy, and a great way to present products to your customers that adds value. It’s perfect for gifts, holidays or even event work. And completely custom to you.

Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!

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