White-Washed Wood Silhouette Vase Design

Today we’re using the White-washed silhouette vase to hold a base of seeded eucalyptus with snake grass towering above light pink snap dragons.

To start, open the vase in the opposite way from which it was folded to loosen the folds.Then tuck in each of the corners to form the silhouette along the score marks.From there, fold the bottom flaps in according to the directions on the bottom. Each flap is marked 1,2,3 etc. in the order they should be folded. Tuck the tab in at the bottom to secure it.Once the bottom is secure, tie the neck with the enclosed rubber band, or a piece of floral wire.

Next, add a yellow ribbon around the neck of the vase. I like this simple look, but I’m also adding brass wire to dress up the design and give it a little metallic bling. It’s also fun to design a pattern with the metallic wire at the front of the vase. Let your creativity run here. It’s fun!

Add water with flower food and begin the design by inserting the seeded eucalyptus. The silver color will contrast nicely with our pink snapdragons. Finally, add the snake grass in a bunch at the center of the design. Then add the snapdragons to finish.

This relaxed design appeals to customers looking for a table centerpiece or bar accent. The natural wood-tones of the vase are perfect for those that appreciate the recyclable nature of this vase.

Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!

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