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Black FlowerBox Cube Design

Here in Portland, we are so lucky to be situated between two amazing East Asian gardens: The Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden. In the spirit of these local landmarks, join us in this Idea Book segment to construct an ikebana-inspired arrangement using our 5.5" Black Cube Vase.

To begin, pop open the 5.5" Black Cube Vase making sure the bottom flaps lock into place. Next, tape a ribbon around the upper edge of the box. We've chosen to use a textured bamboo ribbon, but any yellow ribbon will work to accent the cool, elemental colors of the flowers to come. Now, measure and cut your floral foam to size. Soak it in water and flower food, add it to your vase, and you're ready to design!

Start by cutting two lengths of snake grass; bend to form two obtuse triangles and insert into the foam. Next, intersect these triangles with two additional lengths of snake grass. Trust the juxtaposition of geometric shape and calligraphic line to situate your design in the legacy of the ikebana tradition. Balance effortlessness and restraint when you introduce three Freedom roses, gently cascading into a diagonal line across your floral composition. Complete the arrangement by adding lavender stock, salal leaves, and mossy Kermit mums to fill in and frame the outer edges of your vase. 

This inventive design unites historic and contemporary floral practices, just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year - the year of the Fire Monkey. Use the minimal 5.5" Black Cube Vase as the blank canvas for your festive design and, remember, "Less is More!"

Now it's your turn! Send your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!


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