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Clay FlowerBox Cube Design

Today we’re creating an architectural-style design using a very simple ingredient list: three lilies, a little bamboo, some triangle-shaped medolino sticks, and green dianthus. To start, pop open your FlowerBox cube, make sure the bottom locks. Then cut your foam to size and soak in water and flower food. Add to the box. Next, insert three bamboo sticks and cut to about the same height as the lilies. Now cut a variety of medolino sticks 6-12” in length. Bind them in triangle shapes using silver floral wire. Create 3 to 7 shapes depending on how large you would like to make your design. Attach the shapes to the bamboo using floral wire or UGlu dots. Give the lilies a cut, and then add them to your design. Finally, add the dianthus around the bottom to finish your design and cover the foam. This design has a high perceived value, but costs very little to produce. It’s really all about the design! Use your own creativity to modify this design for different flowers or colors. It’s fun and easy - and adds a touch of glamor to any party or gathering. Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!
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