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Lavender FlowerBox Design

It’s Early Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, and nothing says that better than Hyacinth. Symbolizing sport or play in the language of flowers, hyacinth represent constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity. So fragrant, and a real harbinger of Spring. We’re going to add the hyacinth to a Lavender FlowerBox cube along with aralia, snake and steel grass and a bit of bamboo to finish it off. To start, pop open your FlowerBox cube, making sure the bottom locks. Then cut your foam to size and soak in water and flower food. Add to the box. To add a bit of bling, I’m adding small squares of the diamond sticky ribbon. You can find our full line of sticky ribbons online at To start the design, add the aralia near the center of the foam leaving a center hole for your hyacinth. Give the hyacinth a nice cut just above the bulb and pull away the extra leaves. Because the stems can be fragile, I often pre-poke a hole in the foam for the hyacinth to rest in. That way I’m sure they are inserted far enough to continue to drink. Next I create a back wall using steel grass. Inserting the grass into arches to form a back wall basket. And finally I add snake grass and a couple of sticks of bamboo to create height and interest. I love the hyacinth in the finished design, and the basket work at the back looks friendly and simple. It’s a perfect gift size, and because the vase folds flat, it won’t take up a lot of storage space before you use it! Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!


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