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Tropical Flower Tower

In this video, we’re so lucky to have award-wining floral designer Greg Lum with us.Today, Greg is creating a tropical-inspired tower of flowers. To start, Greg bonds two five and a half inch FlowerBox cubes together to create height using UGlue sticky tabs. He then adds white foam to the box to support the tower structure. The tropical plants won’t need traditional flower foam, and the white foam holds the bamboo structure with more strength. From there, Greg begins to build the structure of the tower using river cane and zip ties. This structure reminds me of watching buildings being built in Shanghai. It was always amazing to me that all of those amazing buildings were built using bamboo scaffolding! It’s both strong and renewable as well. Once the structure is built, Greg carefully adds water to the vase, and then adds the river walk to hold the foam into place and create a beautiful river rock pond at the surface of the vase where the tropical flowers will drink. From there, Greg begins adding the tropical foliage, Antherium and rattlesnake plant. Greg is careful not to overwhelm the design with too much foliage or blooms. He adds, then subtracts looking for the correct line and balance. Getting it right emphasizes just the dramatic design and the exotic flowers. This design is perfect for an entry table, bar or other area where you need height and drama. Complementing centerpieces could be built shorter if required. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a bit more about FlowerBox!
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