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Banana Cream FlowerBox

Work with us, in this Idea Book segment, to create a vibrant yellow daisy arrangement in our 8" Banana Cream FlowerBox. It's a piece of cake!

Begin by assembling your 8" Banana Cream FlowerBox. Pop open the box according to the printed directions and fold the inner liner to the bottom of the vase. Add some of our Gold Diamond Baguette Gemstone Ribbon to the sides for an extra dash of luxury. Fill your assembled vase to the top with food-infused water, and you're ready to design!

Start this design by stripping the stems of a half dozen, fully-bloomed, yellow roses. Arrange the roses evenly in your vase, achieving a dome effect as your base. Follow by adding in bushy green hypericum berries and dainty yellow Gerbera daisies for texture. Round out your design by nesting a handful of spidery Kermit mums into the arrangement and, ta-da!, you've created a spring-to-summer look as delicious as any lemon meringue pie! 

A perfect host or hostess gift for any cocktail party, our Banana Cream arrangement exudes happiness - and not just because of the cheery colors. Our vases are 100% recyclable and easily storable! All party planners in your life are sure to appreciate the convenience of such simple clean up. Fold the vase flat after use or simply toss into your recycling bin. Nothing to worry about.

Now it's your turn. Send your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!

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