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Dusty Yellow FlowerBox Design

The meaning of Blue Iris has grown to include faith, hope, and wisdom. In many places, the purple and dark blue iris flowers are considered to represent royalty. The yellow is thought of as representing passion. Two other general meanings for irises are admiration and courage.Today I’m using purple stock, Yellow Gerbera and Blue Iris to create this dramatic design inside a Dusty Yellow FlowerBox vase. To start, pop open the FlowerBox, making sure the bottom locks. Push the built in plastic liner into the box. I added sage sticky ribbons to all four sides of the vase for contrast and interest. You can find our complete line of sticky ribbons online at FlowerBox.com Then, I add water with flower food. To start the design, I loop three Italian ruscus stems and insert them into the vase. This is one of my favorite tricks. The ruscus acts as an armature and adds greens to the inside of our design. Once the armature is complete, I begin adding the purple stock to the design. Next, I add in the darker Iris for dimension and texture. Finally, I add just a few yellow gerberas to bring the color of the vase up into the design. I love this spring-time arrangement. It’s simple to create, your customers will love it and the box is completely recyclable. What a great gift! Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!
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