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Olive FlowerBox Design

Lilies are one of the most fragrant flowers out there; stop by your local flower shop, and pick up some of these beauties! They'll add a sweet aroma to your office vestibule. Pair them with our neutral Olive vase and you'll have a tabletop arrangement to last and last - just don't forget to remove the stamens from your flowers, otherwise you'll have a puddle of pollen to wipe away halfway through the week! To start, pop open the FlowerBox, making sure the bottom locks. Push the built in plastic liner into the box. Add a strip of sage-striped sticky ribbon to all four sides of your vase to create the effect of a gift-wrapped vase. Last, add some water with flower food. To start the design, loop two long-stemmed ruscus garlands and place them in the vase. They will add volume and structure to the arrangement, while also providing support to your orb of long-stemmed lilies. We've chosen mutli-colored lilies, but any combination of colors will work with this design. The sweetness of your lilies, the old world charm of ruscus, and the lovely neutral palette of olive add up to the perfect "anytime" design. Not only that, but the vase is completely recyclable and easy to transport. Take your design on-the-go to your next dinner party, into the garden, or to the office. Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!
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