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Add Sales to your Cash & Carry Flower Business

Cash & Carry is Big Business

For many florists, cash and carry flowers represent a significant part of their business. Many of you are looking for ways to increase your average sale and boost your unique offering to bring customers back again and again.

That's where the Grab & Go recyclable flower vase by FlowerBox can provide you with a unique edge. Customers can simply add water and flowers and use the Grab & Go as a flower gift bag. By doing so, you're offering your customer a unique product, and you're increasing your average sale.

Customers can use the Grab & Go as a wonderful house-warming gift, get-well bouquet, or for hundreds of other reasons. A matching gift card is included for customer personalization. When they are done with it, the FlowerBox vase simply gets recycled. So simple!

Increase Your Average Sale

Increasing the average sale is key to building a successful cash and carry business. The Grab & Go is a perfect way to do that. In addition to cash and carry, florists can design unique bouquets for customer takeaway.

The Grab & Go vases are also easily customized with our full line of sticky ribbons and sticky gemstone ribbons. For easy customization, simply add your logo for an elegant touch. And if it's a gift, you'll get increased marketing, since customers are more likely to use the Grab & Go vase than transfer it to another glass vase.

So Many Exciting Ideas:

Looking for more uses? The Grab & Go makes an excellent delivery vase for flowers, bridal bouquets and events. 

We're so excited to offer the Grab & Go to you, our customers. We believe it represents the wave of the future for florists and event managers.

FlowerBox: Your solution for the Future:

Be sure to look around our website at our full line of FlowerBox products. Each is designed with a specific niche in mind, from weddings and dinner parties to grand holiday celebrations and personal gifts. 

Finding a unique product that increases your average sale: That's the Grab & Go by FlowerBox!


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