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FlowerBox Grab & Go Bridal Bouquet Delivery System

Your customer has spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars for their beautiful wedding day flowers. You’ve paid attention to every detail, and the event just has to be perfect.  Your client demands it, but you always demand more from yourself. It’s a matter of personal and professional pride.First, you need to deliver and install the flowers. You’re a pro. No worries. But particular attention needs to be given to your bride and the bridal party bouquets. They need to be delivered safely, but they also need to be displayed at the head table while the party is dining or dancing.

We have the perfect solution: FlowerBox Grab & Go vases. They are lightweight, fold flat for storage, and pop open instantly. They feature an inner waterproof liner, a black silk carry handle, and a card to label each of the bouquets for the bride and bridal party.

Even better, the flat surface is easily customizable with stencils, monograms, glitter, and sticky ribbons. If you can imagine it, you can create it!
Beautiful and elegant, the vase comes in three popular colors: sage, cream and black. Your bride will be thrilled that you took the extra time to customize her bridal bouquet 

vase, and it will look amazing at the head table.

But wait! Back to delivery.

Sure, we’ve got a great way to display the Bridal Bouquet, but how do you deliver it? Enter the FlowerBox Delivery Box. The delivery Box was designed to safely carry and deliver any of our FlowerBox vases. Made from rugged double-wall cardboard, the Delivery Box has an inner waterproof liner to protect itself from water damage  and can be easily reused many times.

So there you have it. From creation to delivery to display. And it all folds flat for easy storage and weighs a fraction of glass or ceramic vases. What's more: FlowerBox vases are recyclable. 

FlowerBox works had to earn your business and to make you look great.


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