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Sage Grab & Go Vase with Birds' Nest

Today we’re using blue-tinged hydrangea and variegated Aspidistra leaves to create a simple nest for our Easter eggs. To start, pop open the FlowerBox cube, making sure the bottom locks. I’ve already added a square of Tiffany blue sticky gemstones to the front of my vase. From there, I fold the Aspidistra leaves back on themselves and staple to form loop. You can add as many of these leaves as you like. I’ve added five to my design. Next I add the hydrangea. Three large heads seem to fit perfectly. Next I add a couple of branches of curly willow to add height and interest. To the hydrangea nest, I add three Easter eggs. Finally, I add a watchful little bird over the nest to complete the design. This really is a simple design, but it evokes the spirit of Spring and Easter celebrations. Because it’s in the Grab & Go, your customers can easily pick it up and give it as an Easter Sunday gift or use it as a centerpiece. Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at And as always, have a great flowering day!
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