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White Grab & Go FlowerBox Design

Today we’re going to use a white FlowerBox Grab & Go vase in an entirely different way from how it was intended and create this Flower Orb tied to the top of the vase using the vase’s silk handle. To start, pop open the FlowerBox, making sure the bottom locks. Then add water with flower food. Next, cut the silk handle at the center point and put the orb on top of your vase. Remove the gift card if you like, and thread the handle up through the center of the orb. Tie at the top to secure the orb to the vase. Next, begin threading lily grass around the orb. Adding as much as you like to create a sense of movement and hide stems that will feed from the top down to the water source below. Next, I create about a half dozen wire loop designs to hang on the vase and from the orb. Have fun with this part. Creating different sizes, shapes and changing how they hang really adds interest to your design. I’ve used a copper color wire to accent the white flowerbox and chartreuse of the orb. Giving each one a cut, I begin adding white roses. Insert the roses in clusters of three down though the orb and into the water reserve below. Next comes the beautiful white and green parrot tulips. Again, giving them a cut and inserting down to the water source. Finally, I add a few daisies to fill in and add texture to the design. I also add a few stems of lily grass to give height and movement to the design. This unique design is a bit more complex than most Grab & Go designs, but the silk handle give you a perfect attachment point and dramatic base for your design. Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!
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