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Wreaths - 150 Ideas for Every Season

Wreaths - 150 Ideas for Every Season

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As natural door and wall decorations, wreaths are more in demand than ever. No wonder, because they can be designed in a variety of ways and entirely according to your own wishes.

Whether your choice of materials includes flowers, fruits, twigs or ribbons, this book offers numerous inspirations for every season and explains the various techniques in detail. With instructions in text and images, as well as helpful tips, even inexperienced users can follow suit in no time at all.

About the Author:

As the managing editor of the lifestyle magazine BLOOM‘s DECO, Laura Marx deals daily with current trends and products that make homes more beautiful. Together with the BLOOM‘s team, she constantly presents new decorations, gift, and DIY ideas on the subjects of flowers and plants that encourage imitation.

From the Author:

Wreaths are an absolute classic design style, and they welcome visitors at the front door.

But they also spray the magic of the respective season on the wall and immediately cast a spell on the viewer. No wonder, because what more beautiful, natural floral art could there be than wreaths? Wreaths can be designed in a variety of ways and are often very long-lasting, depending on the choice of materials. With the numerous possibilities that open up for each season, I would prefer to create a new wreath and hang it up every week.

Whether in autumn, with colorful leaves, chestnuts and rose hips; in winter with festive fir, cones and Christmas balls; in spring, with delicate bulb flowers, Easter eggs and feathers; or in summer, with colorful flowers, grasses and ribbons, this book offers lots of new and modern design ideas for wreaths. Would you like to get started right away? Then flip through the following chapters, and let yourself be inspired! The techniques for the various wreaths are marked with icons and explained in detail in the Techniques section. So, even beginners get their money‘s worth. I hope you enjoy recreating these designs for yourself!

 ISBN: 978-1-7355603-6-6

128 Pages

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