FlowerBox 8in Tall Bagless, Venetian Blue - WINTER CLEARANCE!

Get yours before they are gone! Limited quantity, call Project Manager for more information.

The FlowerBox 8-inch Venetian Blue Bagless Vase adds a bright splash of refined color that's perfect for elegant parties or corporate events.

The bold shade pops in any room while also complementing the beauty of your arrangements. It can be accented easily with sticky ribbons, monograms or sticky jewel ribbons. Because the weight of the water is low in the vase, it is very stable for simple and convenient delivery.

It features a waterproof outer shell that folds easily to form a waterproof cube that can be filled with water and floral foam for design work. 8" tall with a 4" x 4" base.

8 Inch Venetian Blue Vases are printed in CMYK process color; the best approximation is Pantone® Venetian Blue Pro Blue C.

MSRP $3.99 each

Case of 30, $1.99 each - $59.70

Carton of 120, $1.75 each - $210.00

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