Why Choose FlowerBox?

Why should I buy and use FlowerBox Vases?

What if we told you we could reduce your shipping expenses, reduce inventory costs, increase valuable storage space, and reduce labor by using FlowerBox. All the while letting your customers know that as a florist, you care about the environment.

FlowerBox vases are all produced using renewable and recyclable papers and plastics. Some of our bagless vases don’t even use a plastic liner, since our cardboard is completely waterproof to start with, they don’t need them. Yup, our boxes can sit in water, your coolers and can get splashed on with no damage.

And because 30 vases fit in a 10-inch by 8-inch by 8-inch box and weigh less than 4 pounds, it’s very economical to ship, and again the carbon foot print is reduced. Imagine shipping 30 glass vases for less than $12 dollars – you just couldn’t do it!

Not only does their compact size reduce shipping, but it also makes them very easy to store. More than 120 vases can fit inside 2 square feet of storage space. Shops are tiny and packed with stuff. Who couldn’t use more storage!

Speaking of storage, If your customers are like us, they’ve got a cabinet full of old glass flower vases! Now, instead of receiving yet another glass vase,  your customers will be grateful to receive a FlowerBox, and no longer feel guilty about recycling them.

Events are a perfect use for FlowerBoxes. Brides can use as bouquet holders, and centerpieces can be given away as gifts. They are easily customized with ribbons, corporate or non-profit logos and monograms to make each event a unique occasion.

If you have a retail store, Grab & Go vases and FlowerBox cubes are an ideal solution. If you design your cash & carry bouquets right into the vase, not only do you get an add-on sale, but your customer carries away the bucket. Meaning no more buckets for you to scrub!

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a bit more about FlowerBox!

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