Dark Gray Leather FlowerBox Design

Today we’re learning how to create the 8” Bagless FlowerBox, and then adding tropical flowers to the vase for an elegant arrangement.

First, fold each side of the box at the bottom to loosen along the score marks, and make it easier to fold. Then, fold in the corners along one side of the box. Take the tape strip off, and then tape over the two corners, finishing one side. Be sure to do the opposite side next. It makes this whole process so much easier!

Next, go to the remaining sides of the box, and do the same. The last fold is the hardest, but I promise, once you’ve done one of these vases, the rest will be a snap!

When completed, you can add water to the vase. Yup. It’s completely waterproof, no bag needed!

Now have fun mixing in your tropical flowers! You deserve a little fun, don’t you think? The 8” Gray Leather bagless vase is elegant and masculine. The perfect complement to tropical flowers! And because there’s no plastic bag, your customers will really appreciate just how green you really are!

Now it’s your turn! Send me your ideas at Travis@FlowerBox.com. And as always, have a great flowering day!

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