Marble Bagless Cube Design

In this video, we’re so lucky to have award-wining floral designer Greg Lum with us. Today Greg is creating a small 4-inch bagless marble cube design using flowers from the garden here at Villa d’Oro.

To start, Greg braids a strand of yucca leaf to add a creative texture to his design. He then adds hydrangea as an armature to hold the flowers. From there he adds garden roses, and bits of color gathered from around the garden.  He even adds an apple plucked from our columnar apple trees near the front of our home. Finally, he adds some leaves from the Japanese maple trees for color and contrast.

The finished design looks natural, effortless and loose.  The braid gives an unexpected design component that draws us in.

Greg, thanks for the fresh, garden-inspired take on our bagless marble vase!

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