The beauty of southern France is breathtaking. Its culture, romance and colors are inspirational and grounded in the millennia of history. 

The style of design is so unique to this region. Its countryside and cities have inspired  florists for decades, so the French Riviera theme made perfect sense for FlowerBox.

Our color and style selection ranges from Saint Tropez Sunset and Old-World Linens to provocative animal prints, wrought iron beauty and the warm earth tone colors inspired by French antiquities. 

Be sure to explore them all. 


Saint Tropez Sunset - Color Palette
Saint Tropez Sunset - Pink and Ochre Enhanced by the Evening Light. read more
Saint Tropez Sunset - European Bridal Bouquet
Here's how to craft a beautiful — and simple — European Bridal Bouquet in the Saint Tropez Sunset style.  read more
French Riviera Luxury - Color Palette
French Riviera Luxury - Old-World Linens, Slate and Animal Prints read more
French Riviera Luxury - Wrought Iron Beauty
When you think Old-World luxury, the French Riviera instantly comes to mind as the playground for the rich and famous. The floral design is equally rich and sumptuous. read more
Cote d'Azure - Color Palette
Cote d'Azure - Seaside Elegance in Rich Blues, Brilliant Greens and Sun-Drenched Sand read more
Cote d'Azure - Coastal Bridal Bouquet
Cote d'Azure - How to Create a Coastal Bridal Bouquet read more
Fleur de Provence - Color Palette
Fleur de Provence - Simple Lavender Accented with Dusty Pink and Tan read more
Fleur de Provence - Celebration of Lavender Centerpiece
Fleur de Provence - Celebration of Lavender Centerpiece read more
Antiquities - Color Palette
Antiquities - Earth-Toned Colors Inspired from Clay, Marble, Canvas and Ancient Olive Trees read more
Antiquities - Creating Old World Charm
Antiquities - Creating Old World Charm  read more
Coastal Carnival - A Riot of Colors and Patterns Adorn this Annual Festival
Coastal Carnival - A Riot of Colors and Patterns Adorn this Annual Festival read more
Coastal Carnival - Hanging Orchids
Coastal Carnival - Hanging Orchids read more
Black & White - A Basic, Beautiful Color Vase Set for Flowers
Black & White - A Basic and Beautiful Color Vase Set for Flowers read more

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