Nothing says holiday celebration more than a beautiful flower arrangement — and FlowerBox has something for every special day.

From Mother's Day to Christmas and Easter — and everything in between — holidays take on a whole new meaning when FlowerBox is part of the day. Explore all our stylish vases for every occasion around. 


Cardinal Red Grab & Go FlowerBox
Work with us in this Idea Book segment to create a romantic white and red arrangement that's perfect for your plus-one.  read more
Introducing Quotable Sticky Ribbons for Mother's Day
A great way to pull at Mom's heart strings: Introducing Quotable Sticky Ribbons for Mother's Day read more
La Saint-Valentin: The perfect Occasion for the Grab & Go Vase!
A trip through the South of France in mid-February makes one wonder about the traditions of Valentine's Day in a country known for romance. read more

About FlowerBox

Who we are: We are FlowerBox, and we want to change the way you think about vases! Read More

Idea Book

Today we’re creating a simple design using a variety of spring-time flowers to create a romantic flower arrangement!  Read More



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