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Sungo Studios Ltd.

Tangerine Tango 4" FlowerBox Vase (Carton of 120)

Tangerine Tango 4" FlowerBox Vase (Carton of 120)

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The perfect party piece!

The FlowerBox 4-inch Tangerine Tango cube adds a big splash of color to parties big and small. The rich and bright tangerine tones highlight your flowers beautifully and can be accented easily with sticky ribbons, monograms or sticky jewel ribbons.

Because the weight of the water is low in the vase, it is very stable for simple and convenient delivery. It features a waterproof outer shell with a built-in recyclable bag. The box ships flat and pops open instantly. It can be filled with water and floral foam for design work.Our 4-inch cubes are available in a total of 8 colors or textures. 4 Inch Tangerine Tango Vases are printed in CMYK process color, the best approximation is Pantone® Tangerine Tango 7625C.

MSRP $3.99 each

Carton of 120, $1.75 each - $210.00

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