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International Publisher's Pack - Six of Our Best-Selling Floral Design Books - One Great Price!

International Publisher's Pack - Six of Our Best-Selling Floral Design Books - One Great Price!

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Unveiling the International Floral Design Book Publisher's Pack: A Bouquet of Inspiration at Unbeatable Discounts!

Floral enthusiasts, rejoice! We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive International Floral Design Book Publisher's Pack, a curated collection that showcases the artistry and creativity of floral design from around the globe. Immerse yourself in the world of petals, colors, and cultural influences with this extraordinary bundle.

Book Collection:

Cocoji: Traditional Korean Flower Arrangement
Explore the elegance of traditional Korean flower arrangement with Cocoji. Uncover the secrets of harmonizing nature's beauty with cultural finesse.

Italian Floral Artistry: Creativity + Composition
Immerse yourself in the romance of Italian floral artistry. Learn the techniques and compositions that make Italian flower arrangements truly enchanting.

Asian Allure
Embark on a journey through the rich floral traditions of Asia. Discover the allure and symbolism behind each meticulously crafted arrangement.

In Love: Inspirational European Bridal Bouquets
Delve into the world of romance with In Love. Experience the magic of European bridal bouquets that capture the essence of love and commitment.

Italian Wedding Bouquets: Creativity + Composition
Witness the sophistication of Italian wedding bouquets. This book unveils the artful combinations that make Italian weddings truly breathtaking.

Colour my World: Joy, Creativity and a Life Surrounded by Flowers (PRE-ORDER - Ships December 2023)
Be among the first to experience "Colour my World." Pre-order now and anticipate the joy, creativity, and a life surrounded by flowers. Shipping begins in December 2023.

Why You'll Love the Publisher's Pack:
Exclusive Discounts: This limited-time offer brings you these six exquisite books at a special bundled price. Save big while expanding your floral design knowledge.

Global Perspectives: From Asia to Europe, each book provides unique insights into the floral design traditions of different cultures. Enrich your understanding and diversify your creative palette.

Perfect Gift: Whether you're a seasoned florist, a budding enthusiast, or searching for a thoughtful gift, this collection is a perfect choice.

Expert Guidance: Learn from the masters of floral design. Each book is crafted by experts who share their knowledge, techniques, and passion for the art.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your floral design skills and collection. Embrace the beauty of flowers from around the world with our International Floral Design Book Publisher's Pack!

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