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Ready, Set, Design! Your Guide to Becoming an Award-Winning Designer

Ready, Set, Design! Your Guide to Becoming an Award-Winning Designer

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Ready to take your floral design skills to the next level? This book can help you win competitions, earn professional credentials, and make progress on the path to becoming a true floral artist. It sets forth a practical method for mastering the principles and elements of design—such as line, depth, color, and focal emphasis—that will liberate your creativity and empower you as a professional floral designer.

Here is what different kinds of floral design professionals can expect to take away from this book.

Beginners: Even though this book is intended mainly for experienced designers preparing to enter a competition or to take the PFDE (Professional Floral Design Evaluation) in order to qualify for professional credentials from AIFD (the American Institute of Floral Designers), it can also give beginners a practical understanding of how professional floral designers plan their designs.

Teachers: This book provides a thorough curriculum to prepare students for competition and professional evaluations.

Experienced designers: Sharpen your skills and unleash your creativity by reviewing the principles and elements of design and practicing their application, using our proven method.

Designers preparing for testing or competition: This book is exactly what you need right now. Your page-by-page journey through the book will give you confidence that you are fully prepared for the task. The organization by category allows you to focus (hardest) on the categories where you think you need the most preparation.

Evaluators and judges: This book will provide you with a useful reference regarding what to look for, both in technical terms and in terms of creative flair.

ISBN 978-1-7355603-4-2 


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